Thursday, 18 May 2006

Too high to think of titles

Wow, the lucidity with which I wrote yesterday was way more than I expected to see this morning.

My mind is still addled with the lovely magnificent drugs, and I can see why people take them recreationally, because if they're this orgasmic when I'm all broken up physically, just imagine how amazing I would feel on drugs when I'm completely healed. I'm kidding.

I have blessings to count today. I got to see my own arm bending freakishly the other way, which is the highlight really. I can now claim abuse, which means the divorce will happen much faster than before, and Jake and the kids are safe. Trey's friends are supporting him without letting him off the hook. And I am not alone as I thought I was.

But then again, this is Bridget your autopilot talking. Not sure how Bridget the real girl feels because I can't find her. I think she ran away to join the circus because of her bendy arm. That's good because I don't think she's really doing so hot.