Saturday, 20 May 2006


First off, for Potor, the requisite spam love,

Rose-colored pressed meat
I like to slice you thinly
spam burgers are yum!

and for Ms. D, the ever deviating wonder, a tag I almost missed,

1) What's your favourite colour?

-Green, all shades but moreso the paler ones like celery, mint, celadon. There's something calming and restful and fresh about green. It also symbolizes spring and new beginnings to me.

2) Why do you do what you do? Why are you working on what you want to become?

-I'm a writer/stay at home mom. I'm hoping to give my kids a good foothold in being independent thinkers and having high self-esteem so I have spent the last two years homeschooling them. When they go to school this fall I can devote a little more attention to writing. I write because I am called to write. It's a feeling. I have to.

3) What do you want me to go away knowing about you?

-That I'm just like you. I have joys and fears and bad days and good days and I fuck up and grow up and make mistakes. That I'm not a doll. That I get tired of being evaluated based on my looks. I get tired of being looked at.

4) What is your biggest fear?

-Besides heights? Being alone. Having absolutely no one at that last hour when you need someone the most.

5) Do you always tell the truth no matter what the cost?

-No. Some truths only serve to hurt so what's the point? If it won't change the circumstances then I don't bother. But you know something? Thinking back if I had admitted to myself that I really really liked Jake and spent so much time wishing he was in Trey's place would I be in this mess? Probably, for I try to avoid regret and believe so much in things happening for a greater purpose.

This is way too deep for a Saturday morning. From spam to life's decisions, the tags are done and I love tags.

Jacob has a wedding today. He was ironing his shirt this morning, for he does indeed dress up for weddings. He wears a suit and a tie even. Oh the hotness. I can't even stand it. He shaved his face. Kill me now. That alone gives me renewed energy to attempt to jump him. We're very creative these days based on the fact that I'm wrecked.

Okay, too much information.

Byebye. Have a great weekend.