Tuesday, 30 May 2006


Jake just sent me this quote from the guidelines of the ministry:

    The social behavior of the minister ís spouse is naturally open to common scrutiny and judgment in the same fashion as the spouse of any other public figure. This person must therefore appraise his or her conduct within and without the congregation in this light.
Attached to it was a link to a local bar announcing their new mechanical bull has arrived and the contests begin this weekend.

He is SUCH a freak.

I called him and pointed out that while right now my injuries prevent me from appearing this weekend, hopefully by July I should be okay to go ride. Serves him right to have that mental image in his head for the rest of the afternoon.

(For the record, I don't nor have I ever felt the need to ride a bull and I haven't set foot in an actual bar since the mid to late 90s.)