Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Okay, meet the rest of my family.

Wednesdays sometimes bring two posts, maybe three if you missed a few days.

It's out! The new Ghost Rider trailer if you've been patiently waiting for it as long as I have.

And now some blog business. Try to keep up, or at least pretend to. I won't tell.

If you've been with me for a while you know that Trey's name isn't really Trey. Bunny is my 5 yr old son and Birdie is my 6 yr old daughter. Right, except those were nicknames. Of course. Trey was C, who got his nickname when he got glasses and grew a beard and morphed into Trey Anastasio, from Phish, one of my favorite jam bands and the only music that would ever put Henry (bunny) to sleep.

So C is Cole. If you ever meet him and he shows you pictures of his beautiful blonde kids, and they look like twins but they're not, run. He is charming, but Just go.

Birdie is Ruth. Bunny is Henry. Ruth and Henry are my life and they are the two best things to ever come out of this mess that is my life. And I hated going back and changing names when I was done writing. Everyone else on the internet uses real names, for cryin' out loud. Everyone I know is tuning in to this like a soap opera anyhow.

Bridget and Jacob are our real names, but that was already shared info. You'll meet my friends as we go. Hi. Meet my crazy universe. Let's continue.