Tuesday, 9 May 2006

He really does read this.

I got a phone call from Jacob a bit ago asking me to please not put intimate details of our life up here. Sexual ones I think he meant. Because he really doesn't want everyone to know how easily he can make me scream.


This is better than when I played telephone in grade three.

No seriously. I try to not be gratuitous and keep it in relevance to whatever I'm talking about.

But seriously. You put the new Tool album on the CD player and give me a glass of wine and I am your porn star for the night. Jacob is starting to beg for mercy just enough.to.be.really.fun.

He's not really as innocent as your typical preacher.

No, in fact, he's just a bit of a hair puller. I have confirmed he has a total fetish for my hair. What a riot.

Now that was gratuitous.

:) Happy Bridget.