Tuesday, 23 May 2006

One-man show.

Today's solitary culinary karaoke is brought to you by James Blunt.

No, he wasn't singing Beautiful. But that's funny because that's what everyone would assume. Oh internet, you know us too well sometimes.

Jake was singing Wisemen. And cooking grilled cheese and french fries. And mixing up the words excruciatingly.

It's not:

Look who's in love now,
It's on me. It's on me.
Those three Wise Men,
They've got a city by the sea.


Look who's alone now,
It's not me. It's not me.
Those three Wise Men,
They've got a semi by the sea.

Me? No, I won't correct him, I just take movies of him singing and threaten to post them on the internet. Some Youtubage extortion in exchange for a plate of food? I tried.

James Blunt? I know. I'm just happy he finally stopped playing Xavier Rudd. While Xav is great and all it became a steady diet over the weekend and I can't pull CDs off the pile with one hand. The stack is too tall and all the good ones seem to be at the bottom. I'm at the mercy of a madman here. An impossibly cute madman who really loves cheesy love songs to go with a cheesy dinner.

My evil plot is to get him to sing along to any of my Switchfoot CDs because that would be way neat-o.

Got to ask yourself the question,
Where are you now?