Tuesday, 18 September 2007

You know nothing about me.

Look for the weak points and attack from there.

It's standard logic in matters of war. Hit where it will hurt, get in any way you can. Lie if you must, ethics and common decency be damned, turn her screws and ruin her and maybe you'll feel better when she's destroyed because she took away your little brother.

Ben called me. Ben is a royal mess, beyond words, beyond common decency but he called me. I am the Contact of Last Resort and he called me because he needs me. Which means it's very, very bad.

He is at Caleb's, having been staying there while he prepares to head out on the road. Caleb has been supplying him with just enough fun to fuck him up beyond repair.

Out of a hundred million questions that could be asked at this point, the most important one appears to be: Will Bridget take the bait?