Thursday, 13 September 2007

Mixed messages.

It's supposed to snow tonight.

I went running last night. Stupidly. Alone. Recklessly. In the dark in the city, only I didn't head toward Chinatown and I didn't head down through the financial district to the river trails on the other side, no, instead I headed all the way down the boulevard to the bridge and flew across it and up the other side until I hit Cole's park bench and I couldn't run anymore.

Jacob found me there an hour later. It got so cold. Perfect. I could indulge in a little release, a little pain to help ease the homesickness. He put his jacket on me and his arms around me and took me back to the truck without a word, short of the relief-swearing I heard when he saw me.

He took me down to the church for a little while. One of the few places where he feels as if he is on sure footing. He prayed. He asked me to, and I could not. He shook his head. We ended up talking for an hour in circles once again.

Jacob is an enigma.

He's so simple in all aspects of his life. His needs and likes and wants are basic and prolific. He doesn't make time for frivolous things. He's cut and dried, black and white, he doesn't want to exist in shades of grey, and yet he grows into a man who chooses faith as his path, along the way he picks up odd talents like telekinesis and hypnosis and illusionist tricks, like Lochlan has. And that's not all.

He jumped into my life with both feet. He tells me he'll never leave, he has my name permanently marked onto his skin. He adopts the kids, he swears up and down on his bible, on my head, on my life and his too that he won't leave, that he's never letting go and then we go to therapy and he tells them he's not sure how much more he can take. That he wants to run but he knows he can't and the only thing keeping him here are promises and glimpses of what things could be like.

If only he could have me deprogrammed fast enough.

He firmly believes Cole and Caleb brainwashed me and the only thing missing is a word or a memory and Jacob could undo all of it. That I'm locked in a mental prison and as soon as he can find the key I'll be out and we'll be happy and I'll be just fine. It doesn't matter how far we go or what he is told about what is wrong with me, he likes his version better and oh fuck, he digs with both hands and he's covered with dirt and he's exhausted and where is that goddamned key?

It's beautiful, really. It's almost as if you can visibly watch as his wings come down to rest against his shoulders in defeat. My angel, who has used up every last ounce of energy he could muster and he's not able to do this and maybe now that he's figuring that out we can get somewhere, because he is what's holding me back right now.

At least that's what Cole tells me in my sleep.

    So lie to me once again
    and tell me everything will be alright