Friday, 21 September 2007

Seven very long days.

I was taken to therapy anyway. I kept coughing and within 15 minutes our productive discussion had devolved into some old-boys network jokes about how my coughing sounded like the barking of a new puppy and I finally let my eyes come to rest on Jake and I motioned for him to fuck off, that we needed to go home. I'm really not sure how I was supposed to navigate therapy sessions with my charades and nodding and constant coughing but Jacob was more concerned in the end that I not do any backsliding. Remind me of this the next time he is as sick as I am now.

He made it up to me, making lunch when we came home (for the kids, we're not much hungry) and then once they were installed on the couch with a good movie he took me upstairs and we crawled under the blankets, where he stripped off my clothes and explored my feverish skin. He remarked on how my weight gain has meant rounded out elbows and knees and belly and how I'm thin but not sticks and bone anymore. He turned me over and pulled my hair back and his other hand held my ribcage up off the bed and he was slower and heavier from being sick and it was so difficult to find energy to return his affections but I tried. Now he's sleeping and I am back downstairs while the rest of the world chants TGIF as if it's a religion. Tomorrow we have doctor checkups, family therapy and groceries so it will be a busy morning.

Hopefully we'll all feel better by then.