Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Echoes, silence, patience and grace.

What a perfect title for a record. So far I love it but it's only been on the stereo for seven minutes.

And one of the joys of never seeing music videos anymore (yes, fuck you too Muchmusic, Muchmoremusic and MTV for being so busy showing 'reality' TV programs that my children are going to grow up to believe that radio killed the video star) is that you don't get to see the difference when a major band like the Foo Fighters changes drummers.

Not until your husband is on television and they make a crack in the intro about the "minister of this church is more Taylor Hawkins than Billy Graham" (wow, how crass, really) and he tells you he asked them to change it and they basically refused so you looked up Taylor Hawkins and kind of squeal a little (well I did, Jake is still really mad) because they totally look alike. Taylor looks more like a younger Jake. In any case, I've been a fan forever and I had no idea. I wonder if Taylor knows he's going to get a little older and cut his hair and be compared to Robert Redford a lot, too.

Distractions, folks, distractions are good for Bridget. It keeps those nightmares from driving me..well, to distraction.