Friday, 28 April 2006

Some good news.

The Lemonheads are making a comeback! Ahhh, I loved their cover of Mrs. Robinson. Very cool news.

In other news, this morning I had my 5-years-overdue dental cleaning, plus flouride, a stack of xrays and a nice talk with my dentist. I came away with a new appointment to fill 4 tiny little cavities and the dentist is going to fix a chip on one corner of a front tooth.

I was feeling great about that news so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and stopped in for a chiropractic adjustment on the way home. I feel like a million bucks now, as my chiropractor has always been a miracle worker. Instant relief. No more headaches because he is the man. And I do wind up taking him for granted and forgetting to keep going to moment I feel better. Silly aren't I?

And it's all covered by our medical insurance. Yay us for pouring all this money into a plan with such good coverage.

Trey was here last night, enjoying a warm sunset and dinner with us, reading to the kids and blessed with a rare early day from work. We listened to vintage Fleetwood Mac and Eagles music and talked about things we wanted to do this summer. He asked if I had talked to Jacob. I said no. He suggested I call him tomorrow. To not leave him in agony. To tell Jacob one way or the other if I am going to spend the next few weeks with him or not and to forgive him for not telling me about his new assignment.

I asked him if he wanted me back and he said he'll be right here whenever I'm ready. And that he was learning not to take me for granted.

Now I just have to find the courage to call Jacob. Even though I don't know what I'm going to say.