Thursday, 2 September 2010

Extreme proposing.

(Apparently it's a sport now, and the winner is plotting triumph for quantity over quality. Because for the record? He has never had a ring present to accompany his question. NOT ONCE, LOCHLAN. Not once.)

Found on my desk shortly before I went to bed last night:
The mermaid slept in my empty bed
into the early dawn
the house was quiet, the night remained
until the sun turned on

She woke and checked the roses first
from my upstairs windowpane
greeted with a a riot of pink
a postcard picture frame

The mermaid's life has changed you see
much different than before
her house, her hair, her attitude
her heart an open door

She is the bravest soul I know
to juggle all our lives
just like old Jimmy at the show
with his axes, guns and knives

you see my girl was a midway girl
and I'd like to take her back
to walk behind the caravan
in the dusty wagon track

the memories don't fade for me
they are as clear as day
It's time to make some new ones now
She'll see, I'll lead the way.

Because the mermaid wasn't meant
to be with someone new
her soulmate was here all along
and not out of the blue.

Look, Bridge, I've made mistakes
I know I've made you cry
I've been a jerk, a thorn, a fool
but you're the apple of my eye.

The offer on the table here
remains for all to see
I will be here til the end of time
Will you marry me?
And my response:
Lochlan, I think this is enough,
You've never had it so rough

You made your advance now
Take no for an answer
and yes, here's poetic rebuff.
And his response to my response:
Fine. See you tonight, princess.
Why am I mad? He puts the same effort into this that he puts into asking me if I want one of his french fries when we go to Montgomery's. So hell no. Oh, and perhaps asking when I'm not already married or engaged might work better too but your mileage may vary.