Friday, 11 April 2008

Saltwater Youtube.

Oh and ignoring the post around the link, remember this? The youtube part, linked in the third paragraph in that post. The Foo Fighters. At least thirty female emailers thanked me for pointing out the goodness that is Taylor Hawkins.

Who everyone said looks like Jacob, but he doesn't IN REAL LIFE.

Because what I never told you was that I got to experience it live a little while ago and I put up my own taped experience. The video isn't great (I was jumping up and down, now I understand how all the bad concert vids wind up on youtube and I'll never speak ill of them again), but the sound was awesome and seeing it live, seeing them live, was really fucking cool.

At 2:22 into the video you can hear Ruthie squeal.


(Link has now been removed, thank you).