Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Lochlan has a huge project right now that is keeping him from the usual routine of throwing fire and flipping tables. Schuyler is a taskmaster and keeps wrapping him up in these huge things with nice payouts and while they do keep Loch out of trouble I miss him something fierce. So when he came home very late last night we ordered a pizza and took some cheap wine out on the balcony and sat and stared at each other while we chewed our food.

He cut his hair because it was driving him crazy in the heat. His curls just get flatter as his hair gets longer and so now he's back to his wavy mess but he looks good.

You're not going, Peanut. 

Of course I'm not. 

He'll talk you into it. 

If you think I'm going to a place where they arrest people for holding hands in public you're mistaken. 

If you think you can outwit the devil you're naive. 

Make the wall, then, and defend. I won't go and he can't force the issue against all of you. 

That's true. 

So let's change the subject because I will be safe. 

Okay, what would you like to do? Did you want to watch a movie or something?

I raise my eyebrows and drain my wine without a word.

Oh, I see. 

What do you see?

I see you're wearing too many clothes and I haven't touched you all day. 

Right on both. Can we fix this?

We can fix this.