Friday, 22 August 2014

Might sell my soul for that car.

(If it were still mine to sell, I suppose.)

I rendered the Devil speechless with my gesture. He took one step into the salon, saw all of the blue and sat down on one of the chairs.

My brother's eyes. You honored him with this. 

No, I honored you with this. I stand on deck, just outside, hands clasped in front of me, shoulders rolled in. I can be kind. I can try to make things easier.

He went down to the lower deck and found more of the blue in the cabins and the stateroom and came bounding back up the steps, the biggest, sweetest smile on his face. He looks so happy. He looks so young when he smiles. He stood right in front of me. Still smiling.

I can't believe this. Why did you do this?

You asked me to have the upholstery changed because it was boring. 

You took quite a chance. 

What do I have to lose? 

If you had made everything red I would have drowned you on the spot. He talks first and thinks second and I turn to go because fuck this.

I'm sorry, Bridget. But knowing you it could have gone that way. 

You wouldn't touch me. 

I would have made you change it back at your own expense. 

Speaking of which, you haven't paid me yet. 

Right. Come with me, we'll head out now and I can stop at the bank. He holds out his hand.

I hesitate.

Just come. Maybe there will be a surprise bonus involved.

There was. A drive all the way to Whistler in the R8 for a waffle cone full of Fluff N' Udder from Cows. Because I'm even easier to please than he is lately.

Your revelation. 

Yes. The one I should have kept to myself?

The very same, yes. I was wondering if you ever thought about it from my perspective. 


Maybe Cole was using you to fund our life together. Taking advantage of your grand scheme to keep us afloat so he could paint instead of waste time working. Maybe you were the one who was fooled. 

So you think he loved you?

Yes. I do. Who doesn't? Why would he remain immune even as everyone else falls? I don't buy your explanations because I lived with him. I spent my life in his arms. I looked into that blue. I knew him better than you did. 

Then I was taken advantage of. 

I bet that happens a lot. 

I bet it happens less than you might think, Neamhchiontach. How is your ice cream? 

Delicious. Do you want a taste?

The look he shot me gave me an ice-cream headache. He didn't waste any effort trying to obscure the meaning or appear proper.  I knew the answer without his needing to say a word.