Thursday, 15 April 2010

God Sends.

Today I am thankful for the health and happiness of my children. My husband's patience, affection and humor in difficult times. I'm thankful for cheese and generous dog owners who like to socialize their pets. I'm thankful for creaky elevators that reach their floor successfully and for rainbows at five in the afternoon after a rainstorm missed by only seconds. I'm thankful for Advil Liquigels as always and for Kraft Dinner, in a pinch.

I am thankful for choices, options and offers and for a cool breeze on a hot day. I'm thankful for the view of the water and for the future and routine within, eventually. I'm glad we are here. I'm thankful for wine and for sleep and for being held when I just can't take another minute and I'm thankful for the afternoon coffee that is slowly getting better or maybe I just don't care anymore. I'm thankful for fat wallets and blue t-shirts and brand new socks and clean mirrors. I'm thankful that I finally stopped being afraid of things and took a leap when I wanted to bury myself in a closet full of things and hide until they all stopped looking for me. I'm thankful for chocolate chips at breakfast and salt at dinner and everything in between. I'm thankful for the pennies we found today by the fountain for double wishes and I'm thankful for another day to fight my way through because it's worth it.