Sunday, 4 April 2010

Church on the water.

Best Easter egg hunt EVER.

On a yacht.

Good morning and happy Easter. Yes, the champagne is still flowing and the children are eating chocolate and we're below deck because it's cool this morning but that's fine. Everything is gold plated so if you stare long enough it's just like looking into the sun.

I was skeptical of the wifi thing even and then Caleb told me that if I wanted something all I had to do is ask for it. The boys find this amusing but I don't run like this. I stay behind. I fall behind, mostly because I can't keep up with this sort of lifestyle. I'm too full of wonderment and innocence.

And so I asked for a Monte Cristo for breakfast and someone was dispatched to get it.

I believe the staff on this boat have their own staff. I believe that I may spend the rest of the weekend here. I believe in fairy tales.

Oh come on.

Shortly I'm going to turn back into a pumpkin and we're going to go to IKEA. Because I adore IKEA and I plan to scope out new dressers for the kids for when we are settled. And coffee. Oddly the coffee here isn't that good but I don't dare say anything because then they'll send someone else out and really I don't think this is reasonable anymore.


I wonder if pumpkins talk when no one's there to hear them. I wonder if Sam is mad at us.

I wonder if these pigs are going to eventually block out the sun with their wings? Like Icarus but with bacon. Mmmmmm, crispy clouds .

Okay, enough champagne. We're headed home.