Friday, 6 April 2007

One of these days.

I was told to stay in bed this morning.

I didn't listen.

One of my new commitments is that I keep going. Even if I have to phone it in effort-wise, I have to fight through every day and not cop out, opt-out or give up.

Today I couldn't give up if I tried. When the alarm went off this morning, Jacob reached past me and turned it off and then pushed himself against me. The part of him that sometimes wakes him up first was wide awake, and I was treated to a long, slow, gentle, very good Friday morning. And an even longer kiss that I finally had to tap out of, because my nose was so stuffed up I couldn't catch my breath. Jacob laughed softly and pressed the tip of his nose to mine and I sneezed on him for good measure.

A hot shower does wonders for post-sex and sneeze episodes. Plus I think it cleared my head. Then I took some Dayquil and drank a pot of coffee and burned my fingers on the toaster and now I'm halfway into my favorite winter dress, which is a cute little vintage plaid wool jumper that Jacob feels might be too short to wear to church and so I've worn it often and demurely press my knees together in the pew.

I'm serving tea and coffee after today's services and comfort is paramount.

But as soon as we get home, I'm switching to my jammies. And locking the door and turning off the phone and maybe making a pot of tea with honey and not sharing any of it.

If only I had cake, the day would be perfect.