Saturday, 8 September 2012

33 1/2 rpm (with a big scratch down the middle.)

Yesterday was long and ended badly, starting with when I returned to the house to get my phone and Lochlan gave me a warning about going to Caleb's house, using both names, not just Bridge or Bridgie or even Peanut. No, he hauled out the whole Bridget Rebekah with ALL FOUR last names after it for full effect, beginning with my maiden name, then Cole's, Jake's and Ben's last names.


Made me wonder how many times he has said my name with his last name tacked on the end, just to see how it feels. He'll tell you none, thanks. I admit to doing it almost weekly. It doesn't fit and I can't say it without a bad Scottish accent anyway. It's a hell of a last name and so far mine have all been short and cute and seven letters or less.


But oh yeah. What a pain.

I think he wanted me to stop and listen and put down my things and maybe tuck in bedside him for the duration of the morning, maybe even fall back to sleep and dream about fairs and rides and seventeen ways to be content with the small comforts of a simple life (Oh trust me, we've got a hard list) but I shook my head and walked out the door, with my reassuring expression firmly fixed. Glad to have that expression since it totally masks the fear.

But Caleb wasn't being all that evil. The headaches are ruining him slowly but they are working to adjust his medications so that maybe they will soon bother him less. He had cheques ready for Henry's school supplies and for clothing for both children and then he wanted to know if I had an answer for his proposal and he added some things. Caveats, bait. I don't know. I got up and left halfway through his spiel because I no longer wanted to listen.

When I returned to the house, Lochlan looked at the cheques and immediately took offense to the fact that his sworn enemy is providing his daughter's wardrobe expenses. I told him to stuff it. I had a headache by then too. He was about to escalate the argument when PJ shot a warning word across the counter, following it with an offer to make me some tea and fetch some aspirin.

I declined everything. I threw up my hands and turned and left the kitchen, leaving them all speechless and wondering. I didn't care. I said I had a headache and I said I didn't want to argue today and no one listens to me anyway.